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Henna with Heart 2024

April 6 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Catalyst Therapeutic Bodywork

Henna with Heart – ages 10+

The Ventral Vagus is our Heart-Brain connection. Our Ventral Vagus is what connects us to our outer world, where we feel safe to expand and explore new relationships and experiences. It is the Vagus Nerve that connects mostly to the organs of the upper body and communicates to the brain through the heart.That is why our Ventral Vagal Circuit is also called our Rest/Digest/Calm/Flow state, and when we connect to it, we feel excited, calm, clear and confident – we feel creative and ready to connect to our world.

When the Ventral Vagal Circuit is online, we are ready to share our innate gifts with the world – no matter what it is. When we feel upset, angry, or down and drained, we use the Ventral Vagal energy as an anchor back to joy, connection and sharing.

This 2.5-hour workshop is a fun, relaxed, nurturing experience and an opportunity for your child to find what anchors them back to Calm, no matter what situation they will find themselves in.

Many children have done this workshop with me before, and have used other materials to express what they experience.

They draw things like birds, flowers, the sun and planets, and symbols that represent love, laughter and freedom, just to bake a few.

For this workshop, we will use an all-natural Henna that will wash off before the school term starts.

What to expect:

A short Guided Awareness to connect to the energy or picture of their Ventral Vagal Circuit. I will show you them how they can use their Ventral Vagus Nerve to support them in times of stress, whether it’s fight/flight or freeze. They will have time to plan their design on paper and then use Henna to draw their symbols/pictures on their hand, or arm, foot, leg – wherever the energy takes them!


Catalyst Therapeutic Bodywork
50 Chevallum Rd, Palmwoods
Sunshine Coast, QLD 4555 Australia
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Phone: +61 413 939 527
Email: restoreonthefloor@gmail.com