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Onya Bike Rory | Welcome Home Fundraiser

21 May 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Moffat Beach
  • This event has passed.

Join us to welcome Rory home from his mammoth ride from Perth to the Sunshine Coast at Moffat Beach Park from 4pm on Sunday, 21st May.

Read about Rory’s cause below:

Hi my name’s Rory,

I’m 26 years old from the Sunshine Coast Queensland but have recently been on a journey traveling around.

I have struggled with mental health, depression, anxiety and the feeling of just being lost to the world, for some time now. But now, over the last year now I have been growing in strength mentally and physically with the help of my friends, family and myself.

I previously took the path of  using drugs and alcohol to mask and push down  feelings but realised that all these do is send you deeper and deeper into your black hole. Covid has added to all the pressures, from interrupted travels, employment and no housing. Everyone who loves me and myself, has lived the destructive roller coaster of a ride I have been on. It took me nearly losing my own life in an accident to shock me and deeply motivate me to find out that there are different paths to defeating this state of mind and realising that there is so much more to life. Life can be beautiful and full of opportunities and possibilities. It is also full of challenges, I know. I’m learning to have a turn it around mind, not thinking about the things going wrong as just crap and aimed at stopping me from doing and achieving, but turning them into real positives or even just LETTING IT GO!

You can do anything you want in life, is how I feel now. The only person stopping you, is yourself. So, I thought I’d model just a bit of this. I know I’m at the right time in my life.I’ve found, as soon as you believe that you can do something, you will. There’ll just probably be a few roadblocks and diversions along the way. I want to show that, that is ok. The true challenge is dealing with them with positivity and keeping going.

This is why I am doing this ride from Perth WA back home to the Sunshine Coast QLD, because I can. I don’t want people to have to go through an accident like mine to realise that there are different paths to tackle life’s challenges and that there are so many people out there that are willing to help you.

I’m standing up to join Team Black Dog to turn ground breaking research into life saving action.

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Australians every year, with the most common being depression and anxiety. It is not surprising is it, considering the world we live in? Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life — individuals, families, workplaces and communities.

My trip is self-funded. But what I want to do is raise money and awareness of mental health for Black Dog. Please donate today!


Moffat Beach
Moffat Beach
Moffat Beach, QLD 4551 Australia
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