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Yantra Yoga Weekend 2

20 May 2023 @ 9:00 am - 21 May 2023 @ 5:00 pm
  • This event has passed.

Learn and establish your own Yantra Yoga practice over one or two weekends, supported by ongoing weekly online sessions.

Coordinate body, energy, and mind with Yantra Yoga: Breath, Rhythm and Movement.

A two-day instructional beginners and intermediate course in Yantra Yoga, Union of Sun & Moon.

At Namgyalgar, retreat centre of the Dzogchen Community, in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains.

“Yantra Yoga’s unique series of positions and movements, combined with conscious breathing, can help coordinate and harmonize one’s personal energy so that the mind can relax and find its authentic balance” -Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

All prospective students need to be in sound health and fitness, and free of any serious injury.

For onsite accommodation email: bookings.namgyalgar@gmail.com

Program enquiries please email: nicoli.eiras@gmail.com


Synchronising every movement with conscious breathing we find ourselves in a perfectly relaxed state. Each yoga sequence performed in Yantra Yoga aims to guide the breath into a natural harmony with the mind and body. One of the oldest recorded systems of Yoga that exists in the world, for centuries Yantra was a closely guarded secret reserved for advanced yogic practitioners. Understanding the immense benefit it holds for everyone, Yantra Yoga was first introduced to the West in the 1970s by one of the foremost Dzogchen masters of our time, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

The system of Yantra Yoga contains a wide range of movements that can be applied by everyone. It is a superb method for attaining optimal health, relaxation, and balance through the coordination of breath and movement. This fundamental and rich method is connected with the profound essence of the Dzogchen Teachings, although a Yantra Yoga practitioner does not necessarily need to follow a particular spiritual path, therefore anyone can practice it without limitation. It has been offered for the help of finding the true natural state.


206 Glass House Woodford Road
Glass House Mountains, QLD 4518 Australia
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Phone: (07) 5438 7696
Email: bookings.namgyalgar@gmail.com
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