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Category: Arts and Culture

Mar 11
Gympie passes ‘GO’ with its own dedicated MONOPOLY Board

11 March 2023: For a town built on the profits of gold, there was probably never a better destination selected by the makers of MONOPOLY for its own dedicated board game. Gympie is known the “the town that saved Queensland” – because of the contribution to the State’s economy through its gold production –  and […]

Feb 25
In Depth with Alan Kelly (Irish-Australian folk music champion / leader of The Barleyshakes)

Sienna: What was your inspiration for getting into music? Alan: I suppose it’s a cultural thing in Ireland.  It’s a big part of family there, in my case, especially on my mother’s side of the family.  We went to mass every Sunday, and then we’d go back to my grandmother’s house, just down the road. There would always be music, […]