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New Release: Jaydie – On The Road Again

Hailing from the bright, sundrenched shores of cultural hub Australia – home to a distinct range of prestigious artists – Jaydie is a multifaceted singer-songwriter and performer who has had her hand in the industry for a long time. Since age 16, she has been engrossed by the music world and began gigging, performing live for the last decade. Jaydie brings a raw, experienced passion to her stagecraft. Her versatility comes from her ability to adapt to a broad range of genres, having experience performing Pop, Country, Reggae, RnB and, more recently, a love for Spiritual music. Having recently released her debut single in February of this year, Jaydie is all about bringing a ‘feel good’ sound to all her listeners and followers and spreading her positive energy in every musical pathway she embarks upon – a remarkably talented creative force whose eagerness & determination more or less guarantees her success in this challenging industry.

“On the Road Again” is a song that talks about the journey of life and what we learn from it. It emphasizes the importance of moving forward despite the challenges and obstacles we face. It encourages us to understand that life moves in cycles and that we are meant to experience all the highs and lows it brings us.”

About Jaydie

Smooth and Gentle but with the sting of a local honey bee is how this local singer-songwriter and performer has been describing Jaydie, a Sunny Coast local who has been penning songs since the age of 16 and entertaining her fans for the past ten years. With a background in singing, acting, and dancing, Jaydie brings her passion for performance and experience to the stage.

Jaydie’s performances encompass a range of styles including pop, country, reggae, RnB, and, more recently, a love for spiritual and devotional music. In 2023, she began releasing her music to the world, starting with her debut single, “Reality,” which will be followed by an album in 2024. Jaydie’s powerful and soulful voice, paired with her wide range, is her main tool. She also incorporates acoustic guitar for backing, creating good vibes and positive energy.

Jaydie performs because she loves bringing music to the people. She says, “It makes me feel good, and I know it does for others, too.” Ultimately, she loves to see people come together in the community and have a good time.