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A Talent Search with over 10K in Cash & Prizes & Growing Col Finley, a veteran of country music, reflects on his three-decade-long journey of writing, recording, and touring. He is proud of the legacy he has created and credits his success to the support and love of his family, friends, and fans. Today, he is focused on creating a more substantial, brighter, and more transparent future for country music.

“I am extremely proud of my 30-year career in the music industry. I have achieved a lot more than most and experienced a time when gaining fans, being heard on the radio, and standing out from the crowd was challenging. Back then, touring, live shows, merchandise, and making CDs were crucial, unlike today where music is mass-produced to gain streams, likes, or followers.”

Col Finley has always been known for his passion for helping artists and creating opportunities for them. He has invited many artists, such as The Mc Clymont (when they were very young), Adam Eckersley, and even Country superstar James Johnston (when he was just 13), to sing on his stage. Col Finley has always been eager to share his knowledge and background with those who need it. Even now, he continues to nurture the future of the music industry by teaching and building a stronger foundation with his Music 2 Media – Mentoring Program.

“There is a lot of misleading information and false promises circulating in the music industry. That’s why I am dedicated to promoting transparency and educating those seeking a career in this field. Nowadays, social media and TV offer a shortcut to success, which can often be misleading.”

Col Finley has been working on an event called “Country Stars” for a few years, but he needed a platform to showcase and grow it. Luckily, the Maleny Show committee has provided a home for it in Queensland. Country Stars is a two-day event where artists can apply online and will be judged by a panel of judges and industry professionals. The judges will select the semi-finalists, who can perform acoustically in front of a live audience and the panel judges. Only five artists from each section will be chosen to perform two songs with our talented Country Allstars Band in front of a live audience. The winners will become Country Stars – Qld and will share the prize pool.

“One of my long-term goals has been to bring country music back to Maleny on a larger scale, possibly through a music festival or a talent search. I have been working on this idea for some time now, and I am very thankful to the Maleny Show Committee for their support and confidence in my vision.”

“Country Stars” aims to identify, educate, and cultivate the next big country music artist. The prize pool reflects this ambition, as the winners will receive the opportunity to launch or further their careers. Both junior and senior winners will receive packages that include recording, film, distribution, photography, hair and beauty clothing, and mentoring, among other things. The prize pool is designed to align with our mentoring, education, and development program, ensuring that our winners receive the necessary support to achieve success in the country’s music industry.

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